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Case studies show how Affinity supported healing in a variety of wounds

In retrospective case studies, Affinity demonstrated positive results in diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), venous leg ulcers (VLUs), and other wound types. Click below to watch a video for 2 of the cases.

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Featured case study:
DFU in a 62-year-old female

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Affinity case study library

In these cases, Affinity demonstrated progression in a variety of wound types. To review the cases, click below and complete the request form.

  • DFU located on the heel closed at 9 weeks following 6 applications of Affinity
  • DFU with previous complications closed at 9 weeks following 7 applications of Affinity
  • Nonhealing surgical wound closed at 4 weeks following 3 applications of Affinity
  • Nonhealing surgical wound at an amputation site closed at 12 weeks following 5 applications of Affinity
  • Nonhealing venous and arterial wound closed at 10 weeks following 6 applications of Affinity
  • VLU in a patient with multiple comorbidities closed at 13 weeks following 8 applications of Affinity

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